AMC Entertainment Inc. Arlington, VA


All associates may be considered for cross-training; some may be assigned duties in one or more areas at management discretion.

General responsibilities for all positions include, but are not limited to:

* Exhibit excellent guest service skills.

* Present a calm demeanor that deters others from engaging in disruptive conduct, while encouraging a positive interaction with guests.

* Answer guest questions courteously and accurately or quickly direct them to the appropriate resource.

* Work effectively with supervisors and co-workers.

* Demonstrate consistent and effective sales techniques.

* Meet sales expectations through loyalty card sales, suggestive selling, upselling, merchandising, and sampling.

* Complete transactions by greeting each guest, identifying the guest's request, operating point-of-sale terminals, making change accurately, completing loyalty transactions, and thanking guests.

* Ensure the security of all cash, receipts and tickets.

* Enforce the movie ratings system courteously and effectively. Uphold "zero tolerance" policy in regards to ID checking.

* Distribute, ensure proper working order of, and understand how to operate Assisted Moviegoing Equipment.

* Clean and maintain the exterior and interior areas of the theatre including auditoriums, restrooms, lobbies, concession areas, and box office areas.

* Control access to the theatre.

* Frequently monitor auditoriums for picture and sound quality, temperature, lighting levels, audience behavior, and film piracy.

* Perform daily stocking and maintenance duties.

* Ability to work and meet deadlines with minimal supervision.

* Follow all procedures to ensure a safe work environment, as well as the safety of our guests.

* Follow instructions on safe use of all chemicals/cleaning materials.

* Uphold AMC's Business Practice Standards and ensure compliance with company programs.

* Maintain regular personal attendance for all scheduled shifts.

* Assist with other Film Crew functions and perform other duties as directed.

* Expanded list of essential functions for the Concessionist, Cashier, and Usher positions are available upon request from theatre management.


* Provided by Theatre: Black t-shirt, nametag.

* Provided by Associate: Black pants, black shoes, socks, black belt.

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